Sylant and Black Dragon to collaboratively accelerate innovative projects

At the forefront of innovation are those who have the guts to put their skin in the game. We are not talking about those people who invest in Amazon after its proven itself for over three decades, we are re not talking about those jumping into Bitcoin after it surged with thousands of percentages, neither about those blindly jumping on Dogecoin hoping it will get them to the moon. The ones we are referring to are bold venture capitalists who are willing to risk their assets in brand-new early-stage projects that are yet to prove themselves.

This stage of investing holds the most risk, but simultaneously brings the highest rewards. With the rise in capital in the markets, there are more individuals wanting to invest at such seed stages, but unfortunately today, these kind of investment opportunities are passed on to the VCs and whales. Thankfully, decentralised community backed investing groups are helping to solve this problem by granting seed-stage access to their token holders. This kind of innovation is key in the world of crypto, which is why we’re proud to announce that we will be partnering up with the notorious Black Dragon, a decentralised autonomous fundraising group that has been around since 2017 and has recently launched its official investing platform.

What is the partnership about?

Ever since the founding period of Sylant, we have been all about bringing quality projects into the market through means of quality research, diving deep into teams and such with AMA’s and projecting our opinions on Twitter and Telegram. In order to expand our operations, we are constantly on the lookout to bring more eyes and ears in the market. Through our partnership with Black Dragon, we are able to speak with tons of new projects that haven’t been made public yet. We’ll be able to host more AMA’s, create more thrilling content and bring our community more and more projects that will enlighten your investments.

Haven’t heard about Black Dragon? Well, you should have. Over the past years they have invested in dozens of projects with an average return over 40x. Their new investing platform is a one stop shop for early-stage investing and makes the process seamless thanks to its intuitive and beautifully designed UX. Apart from sourcing premium deals on their official platform, BlackDragon has one of the most impressive tokenomics in the community token game (50% of the circulating $BDT supply is staked). Some of the projects incubated by Black Dragon are the likes of Paid Network, Chainlink, Nexo, Zilliqa and probably the most rewarding one so far Thorchain which has peaked at more than 800x since its initial private sale. With returns like that, it is no wonder we partner up with the BlackDragon Team


Black Dragon


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