KelVPN — Your Privacy Unchained

What is KelVPN?

Regular VPN vs KelVPN — source KelVPN medium

What is the current state of the product

  • KelVPN’s original protocols vs DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) requires a lot of time to detect a trace. KelVPN’s proto is stealth enough to be undetected by the notorious Golden Firewall of China. When the DPI gets strong enough to detect the usage of KelVPN, the protocol rotates quickly keeping the user undetected.
  • Post-Quantum encryptions ensure that traffic data is secure — even quantum computers stand no chance to decrypt the traffic data.


  • Multi-hop routing hides your traffic from local DPI and gives the ability to dig through the entire blocked local network if at least one node inside found the way out.
  • Multi-channel streaming improves security, breaking your traffic by a lot of streams that make detection harder. It will also improve latency and reduce CPU and power usage.
  • Fake traffic generator covers clients from AI-powered DPI.
  • Users able to share bandwith to earn staking rewards.

The KEL Token

  • Purchase of VPN services
  • Governance
  • PoS based emission
  • More usecases to be announced in the future.


  • Ticker: $KEL
  • Token standard: ERC-20 — Will be hosted on Cellframe
  • Network: Ethereum blockchain & Cellframe
  • Total supply: 100 million
  • Initial Circulating supply: 60 Million
  • Initial market cap: $300,000
  • Token Type: Governance & Dividend
  • Price in Seed Round: $0.065
  • Price in Private Round 1: $0.085
  • Price in Public Sale: $0.09

Who is behind the project?


Team KelVPN — source



Private investors KelVPN — source KelVPN medium





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