Jigstack — The Microsoft of DeFi

The cryptocurrency market has evolved over the past couple of years. We’ve seen the market growing to enormous proportions and more importantly, maturing. We came a long way, but at the time of writing we’re sitting at nearly a 2 trillion market cap and more than 7000 thousand actively traded cryptocurrencies.

The world of traditional finance is slowly picking up steam with companies like Tesla, MicroStrategy and many others having part of their cash reserves in Bitcoin. Payment operator Visa starts handling payments with the help of the Ethereum blockchain, and PayPal lets their users settle payments directly using cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile central banks are printing trillions of cash in an attempt to keep a sinking ship afloat.

The trend is evolving, and more and more companies are seeing the value of blockchain technology and the companies that have been utilizing its technology over the past years. The shift to blockchain technology isn’t the only trend that has been occuring, the shift to decentralized alternatives for centralized applications is taking place as we speak.

We see DeFi raking in billions of dollars allowing individuals to cut out the middleman, handle their own wealth and gain interests banks could never imagine. We see autonomous organisations rise making decisions collaboratively instead of through hierarchical structures. It’s exciting to see and witness, but it’s even more exciting to find a project that has been paying close attention to the market’s developments and putting it to use.

We’re talking about Jigstack, a revolutionary project that’s aiming to become the Microsoft of Decentralized Finance. Ambitious? Hell yeah!

What is Jigstack?

Did you know there are over 365,000 token contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain to date? The moment you’ll read this, there will probably be another couple thousand added. With each project varying in purpose, utility and quality, we’ll see many of these dying silent deaths as time passess. On top of that, there are many fraudulent tokens in circulation simply brought to life to trick investors and take their money. The team behind Jigstack observed the market and came up with two main questions that sparked the idea for Jigstack;

  • Why are there so many dApps with varying degrees of quality?
  • Why are there so many tokens to dilute Ethereum’s value pool?

The solution to all of these redundant tokens is a conglomerate structured Ethereum-based DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) called Jigstack. The stakeholders within the organisation will collaboratively govern a range of high-quality, revenue-generating dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. Through holding the native $STAK token, anyone can start earning dividends from the range of commercial products under the Jigstack umbrella.

The above information hints at why Jigstack hints at becoming the Microsoft of DeFi. Microsoft is known for being robust and values quality products, but also prides itself in being diverse and operates in many different facets of their chosen industry. So will Jigstack with all their upcoming products. To kick things off, Jigstack has two products that are ready to launch: Lemonade and Ethlink.


Lately, we’ve seen investors shifting from stocks and commodities to digital currencies to catch that legendary run we’ve seen with Bitcoin over the years. Besides that, many of those investors are keen to look for the ‘new Bitcoin’. We’re talking about brand new projects that have yet to hit the market. Investors want to invest pre-market and catch the run from the moment it hits the market, even before that since that’s where the biggest returns are made.

Whereas most investment opportunities are only available to a select few, the current market has taken a turn towards token launchpads where anyone has the ability to invest in projects before they hit the markets. You simply purchase a set amount of tokens and thereby enter a certain set of investors that are able to invest pre-market. One example would be Ferrum Network’s Advisory Services. You purchase a minimum of 100,000 FRM tokens and you’ll get guaranteed allocation of at least $500 for each project. Token prices sky-rocket and every single token sale of new projects sells out in a matter of minutes.

That brings us to Jigstack’s first product; Lemonade, a DeFi token Launchpad. Lemonade allows anyone to deploy a crowdsale without having to deal with difficult technicalities. The automated process is hands-on and highly customizable. Basically anything that usually has to happen behind closed doors by the project itself, can be done on the Lemonade platform, all based on the simplicity of setting up your own lemonade stand.

Lemonade V1 Demo by Jigstack

What separates Lemonade from other launchpads?

The interface is as easy as it can get, no technological knowledge is required to interact with the platform. The platform has an automated whitelisting feature that will solve the first-come-first-served issues and avoid any gaswars. This is ultimately done to level the playing field for investors of all sorts. Besides that, Lemonade offers a simple click-and-deploy solution where projects can lock up their team tokens in a smart contract open to the public to ensure legitimacy. Meanwhile, investors are offered a non-custodial third-party token bank for maximum safety. After finalizing the crowd sale, investors will automatically receive their tokens in their provided wallets.

Lemonade schematic

Now, one beautiful aspect of Lemonade is the fact that they acquired ICORating, a company that’s known for rating ICO’s during the 2017 bull cycle. With a Twitter account with over 30.000 followers, and a traffic with tons on the website, this move is highly bullish for bringing a ton of exposure to the platform. All you should know is that holding $STAK will give you access to public, and private sales of new and innovative projects. Oh, and to top that off, $STAK holders will also receive dividends and airdrops from each sale occuring on the platform!


Lemonade is not the only product launching under the Jigstack umbrella. ETHlink is expected to launch anywhere near the start of the project as well. The mechanics behind the product are a bit more complex, but the idea is rather simple and strives towards cutting out the middleman, and boosts the potential of any project launching on Lemonade.

ETHlink is a DeFi gateway that automates your entire marketing and sales strategy by compounding exposure and earnings. The core idea is an affiliate link that’s not attached to you as a person, but just an Ethereum wallet to ensure anonymity, but the system is simultaneously creating a Viral Loop. How? The mechanism is best explained with an example;

A new project is launching their project on Lemonade. As part of their marketing efforts they’ve partnered up with a couple of big influencers to promote their project. Every influencer will receive a unique affiliate link that they can use to promote the token sale. Anyone that clicks this affiliate link, and participates in the token sale will automatically reward a commission to the influencer.

Ethlink schematic

Meanwhile, the person that clicked the link will receive their own unique affiliate link that they can start promoting in order to earn rewards. Whenever this person receives a commission, the influencer will also receive a small reward. This viral loop will incentivize anyone to promote their own link and thereby creating a situation where everyone wins.

The beauty of the fact that the affiliate link is attached to an Ethereum wallet is the option to add rewards other than tokens. You could offer a discount in trading fees, exclusive access to a staking contract, an NFT or whatever comes to mind, the options are limitless.

What is the current state of the product

Jigstack is launching the public sale of their own token, $STAK, on their Lemonade platform. That means the product is ready to be used by the public. Afterwards, anyone will be able to host their own token sales on the platform, and token holders will immediately start earning from the airdrops and dividends paid out through the lemonade product.

Concerning the ETHlink product it’s unclear what the current state of the product is. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this and expect it to be released anywhere in the near future.


The future for Jigstack is something that’s still a blank space. In the roadmap that’s available to the public, there’s not too many details concerning the future of the project further down the road. There are several noteworthy topics on the roadmap, but these are all scheduled for the upcoming four months. Whatever happens after that, we’ll hope to hear soon. However, the items currently on the roadmap that we’d love to learn more about;

  • ETHlink v1 launch
  • Partnership announcement(s)
  • Code audit for both Lemonade and Ethlink
  • PR Campaign
  • Jigstack Wallet
  • Stakbank Staking Network
  • Santa code Audit & Public Demo

As you can see there are some names and titles we haven’t seen before such as the Jigstack Wallet, the Stakbank Staking Network and ‘Santa’, whatever that may be. It’s exciting to know that the team has thought of many more than just the first two products. After all, the more dApps launching on Jigstack, the more value the STAK token has.

The STAK Token

The beauty of Jigstack is the fact that the entire conglomerate organisation is autonomous and fully decentralized. The entire operation consists of stakeholders, in this case $STAK-holders. There are two unique selling points that bring value to the $STAK token;

  1. Authority over the entire network
  2. Distribution of network revenues

The first topic comes down to the fact that anyone holding STAK tokens will be able to collaboratively decide what course next to sail for the project. Proposals for new dApps will be voted upon by stakeholders with more proposals of decentralization coming along the way. The ultimate goal is to become a completely transparent and open-source project that allows anyone to contribute, but let the community decide which direction to take.

The second topic is what will most likely attract the most investors. Any dApp that runs under the Jigstack umbrella will earn a certain amount of revenue. 0.8% of that total revenue will be distributed to STAK token holders as a reward for holding the token. To visualize how that works, we’ve added an image beneath;

Token utility schematic

As you can see in the visual, not only do the token holders receive rewards for all the revenue passing through the network, but 0.2% of these revenues will be used for the buyback of STAK tokens and burn these. You could consider this a double-edged sword that adds value in multiple ways increasing the token price over time.

The dividend of 0.8%, token burn of 0.2% and the 1% airdrop of distributed tokens in each sale makes the STAK token a very interesting hold.


The IDO for Jigstack is right around the corner, that’s why the information beneath can’t be left out. The IDO will take place on their own platform, Lemonade, which will be the first of many more to come. One noteworthy fact is that the project is listing with a mere $300,000 as the initial market cap. The biggest reason for this is the fact that all private and seed tokens are locked for a period of 10 days and only the public sale tokens are in circulation. After the 10 day period daily vesting starts for private and seed rounds, which is a very good model to prevent large unlocks and increased volatility.

Beneath, you can find a visual representation of the token distribution and details about the tokenomics.

  • Ticker: $STAK
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Network: Ethereum blockchain
  • Total supply: 3 Billion
  • Initial Circulating supply: 60 Million
  • Initial market cap: $300,000
  • Token Type: Governance & Dividend
  • Price in Seed Round: $0.002
  • Price in Private Round 1: $0.003
  • Price in Private Round 2: $0.004
  • Price in Public Sale: $0.005
Token distribution

Who is behind the project?

What’s a great idea without a great team, right? Lately, it has become even more evident that a team is all it takes to make a project work. We’ve seen Ferrum Network work relentlessly over the past two years putting in work every single day to stabilize as a solid project. We could witness the team behind Paid Network take a big hit with a exploited smart contract to recover only weeks later in full effect. It’s a team effort that will eventually separate the ‘fun’ projects from the real and sustainable projects.

Without further beating around the bush, let’s find out who’s behind Jigstack in terms of their team, the current partnerships and their investors.


The first thing that boosts the confidence in Jigstack is the fact that they have a LinkedIn page. It’s not uncommon for projects in the cryptospheres to operate without a profile on the renowned business network, but having one only boosts confidence. When we dive deeper into the company’s team we can see a young and talented team at the same time. The 12-headed team has shown the capability so far to bring professionalism to the fullest. Let’s dive in.

Robert Weir — COO

When you’re talking about entrepreneurs, Robert Weir is your man. After graduating from Deakin University, Weir went on a spree of starting successful online businesses in the digital space. With experience as a marketer and a founder, Weir has all it takes to lift a business off the ground and bring it to excellence.

Aidan Leonard — CTO

Leonord is a man carrying a lot of academic credit under his belt. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and a Masters of Economics as well. His love for finance went on through his professional career working for several companies such as HSBC, BCSC, Toptal and many others. Throughout these years Leonard worked as a project manager and IT consultant.

Charles Robinson — CBDO

Charles is an accomplished Senior Executive, Author, Senior Developer of DApps and Web Apps, Green Energy Advocate, and a Coach with more than 20 years of success across multiple industries. Charles is a trusted adviser on the importance of Dot.Money, DLT, DAO Design, Web, Blockchain, DAG Development, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Solidity Contracts. Charles is a sought-out speaker, trainer, and a tokenomics expert having been involved in over 20 DLT projects.

Filippo Balsano — Social Media Manager

Filippo has 3+ Years of experience in Blockchain and Social Media.1+ Years Experience as Binance Angel at Binance.com growing local community,organising meetups and managing telegram group (6k+ users). A successful Social Media & Influencer Manager at Gaming Startup operating in the digital and blockchain collecting sector and now he’s orchestrating all Community and Social activities at Jigstack.

Dilara Mataraci — Director of Product Development

As a respected Product Manager, Dilara has earned her stripes over the years working for many successful start-ups. Having the responsibility of bringing a product to life, and constantly upgrading it is her expertise that brought her from Turkey to San Francisco. She brings her experience from her time assisting global companies such as Intel, Tchibo, and Tesco Kipa for their localized projects/products in Turkey & MENA regions

Kaue Cano — Lead ETH Developer

Kaue has worked on the EOS ecosystem through chintai.io, as well as delivered many Ethereum & Bitcoin Core-based codes throughout his career in quan.digital, and contributions to important open source projects such as Ethereum Name Service. Using more diverse stacks, he took part in various bounties & hackathons, earning prizes from Ethereum Foundation, Ocean Protocol, SingularityNET, Golem, Syscoin, Solana, and many more.


One way of getting your foot between the door in a fast-moving market is by partnering up with other, more established parties. Therefore, Jigstack has already done the groundwork and formed three solid partnerships to kickstart their success.

Hedera Hashgraph

Jigstack and Hedera Token Service are forging a strategic alliance to advance the tokenization industry. Jigstack will bring one of its flagship products — Lemonade, which also runs on the Ethereum blockchain — to the Hedera ecosystem, where it will act as a launchpad for all blockchain-native projects.

Bonded Finance

All projects on the Lemonade launchpad will be using the forthcoming Bonded protocol and the project will provide additional reciprocal support with Jigstack, offering two options. 1. All locked tokens will be transitioned into our collateral smart contracts, 2. Borrowing and lending services for all Lemonade launchpad projects. In short, this partnership will elevate the entire Lemonade stand product.


We’d like to quote CBDO Charles Robinson here: “Jigstack is excited to announce a partnership of developing on the new Polygon (formerly known as Matic) Plasma side-chain “Internet of Blockchains.” Jigstack is proud to offer our users the significantly reduced gas fees compared to the Ethereum Mainnet that Polygon affords and the increase in performance and transaction volumes that Polygon has achieved. Jigstack is excited to carry this partnership forward and for Polygon to be a key player in its core Defi technologies in the near present and into the future.”


As Jigstack mentions in their article announcing the closure of the private sale: “A total of $2.7 million has been raised from various partners to decentralize DeFi across Ethereum and other blockchains further. The team is now one step closer to becoming the DAO of decentralized finance.” Similar to most projects these days, investors in the private sale are required to participate in actively promoting the project. Hence, we can expect some fireworks around the launch of the IDO. A list of the investors can be found below;


We’re hosting an AMA on the 7th of April 17:00 CET / 3 PM UTC with Jigstack which you can attend in our Telegram channel! Once again there are nice rewards to get for the best and most creative questions, so stay tuned on twitter and telegram. To be eligible for rewards the next steps are important:

  • Follow Sylant and Jigstack on Twitter
  • Join the telegram channel Sylant’s Room and Jigstack
  • Comment your best or most creative question on an upcoming tweet (TBA)
  • Submit your question during the AMA on Telegram as well to increase your chances

Prepare any questions you may have and get ready for the AMA, we’re very excited and will update this review with the most important questions afterwards!


We’re currently seeing the adoption of decentralized finance happening in front of our eyes. Every single day there’s more money going through asset pools, lending portals and insurance funds, with the core principle of decentralization. An autonomous organization like Jigstack, that will host multiple products underneath their umbrella is a logical next step in the market. With the open and transparent stance towards the market, Jigstack is bound to pave its way through the markets.

It will be exciting to see what Jigstack has coming in the long-term since that hasn’t been too clear lately. The first product, Lemonade, will most likely bring a lot of folks to the other products and thereby slowly but steadily boost up the entire network. The technology is really solid, and with an open and transparent stance, any fraudulent activity, malpractices or errors in any of the contracts will be spotted by the community instantly.

We’re more than excited to see what Jigstack will bring to the industry. It certainly has the power to disrupt and uplift the community, but whether the industry will think the same is something only time will tell.

Top influencer CoachK interviewing Charles Robinson — CBDO of Jigstack


Website: http://jigstack.org/

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Twitter Lemonade: https://twitter.com/Lemonade_Defi

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