Jigstack — The Microsoft of DeFi

What is Jigstack?

  • Why are there so many dApps with varying degrees of quality?
  • Why are there so many tokens to dilute Ethereum’s value pool?


Lemonade V1 Demo by Jigstack

What separates Lemonade from other launchpads?

Lemonade schematic


Ethlink schematic

What is the current state of the product


  • ETHlink v1 launch
  • Partnership announcement(s)
  • Code audit for both Lemonade and Ethlink
  • PR Campaign
  • Jigstack Wallet
  • Stakbank Staking Network
  • Santa code Audit & Public Demo

The STAK Token

  1. Authority over the entire network
  2. Distribution of network revenues
Token utility schematic


  • Ticker: $STAK
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Network: Ethereum blockchain
  • Total supply: 3 Billion
  • Initial Circulating supply: 60 Million
  • Initial market cap: $300,000
  • Token Type: Governance & Dividend
  • Price in Seed Round: $0.002
  • Price in Private Round 1: $0.003
  • Price in Private Round 2: $0.004
  • Price in Public Sale: $0.005
Token distribution

Who is behind the project?



Hedera Hashgraph

Bonded Finance




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Top influencer CoachK interviewing Charles Robinson — CBDO of Jigstack




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